Radio Free Gozeria

The Ghostbusters Fan Franchise On the Air

A Tribute to Dr. Jillian Holtzmann

Radio Free Gozeria interviews Dan Aykroyd

Recorded in 2012, this interview with Dan Aykroyd covers "the family business" of ghost hunting and what exists in the afterworld. Jay Smith interviews the creator and star of Ghostbusters about what exists beyond the mortal coil and how we... Continue Reading →

The Films & the Phenomenon: Ghostbusters

RADIO FREE GOZERIA EPISODE 01 Episode 1 features a panel discussion on the 2016 summer film and how it compares to the original. Join a panel of genre writers, educators, and even a paranormal investigator to discuss the new film... Continue Reading →

Episode 2: Gender, Society and Ghostbusting

RADIO FREE GOZERIA, EPISODE 02! Episode 2 features a conversation about the original, sequel, and remakes from the perspective of gender roles, society's expectations and stereotypes, and why audiences had so much trouble learning to accept women in positions of... Continue Reading →

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